shared ip server

Hello …

my domain has already point to my ip address server which is behind LAN.
but now i cannot connect to https://ipaddress:10000 to access my virtualmin, nor can i see the index.html page when i entered my ip address,

  1. do i have to set the vitualmin servername on my server to match my domain?
    can i set in the global server configuration ?

also when i check configuration from virtualmin, the result is " your system is not ready for use by virtualmin", after a notification : the template webalizer configuration file /etc/webalizer.conf was not found on your system, it may need to be changed in the webalizer logfile analysis module.

when i click webalizer logfile link, it says the webalizer configuration file was not found , maybe it is not installed or module configuration is not correct, click the module config, tick all the boxe, save and run the checking configuration, and result is still the same, not ready to use by virtualmin.

  1. how to configure the webalizer so my system ready to be use by virtualmin?

thanks in advance for response…