Shared IP / Private IP

Problem #1

I am using 3 IP… 1 shared 2 private… I accidentally made the 3rd IP as shared… Anyway to undo this and bring this back to the private pool.

Problem #2

I have my main being hosted to the default shared IP which also host my and, what I want is to move it to which is a private IP but each time I do this, the site will display error 403 which means it loads up the wrong virtual server.

I am already stuck here…
What I want to achieve is will go to a private IP will go to a private IP

and the rest will go to

my ns1 is pointing to and my ns2 is pointing to

is this possible?


Let’s start with problem #1 – if an IP address is shared and that’s not what you want, you can go into Addresses and Networking -> Shared IP Addresses. There, you can see the pool of shared IP addresses. You can make an IP private again by removing it from that list.

Let us know if that does the trick for you!


Already done that before you were able to reply and was worried that I made an error. Thanks.

Nope, sounds like you did things correctly! Is it working for you though?


Yes, it is working perfectly… Removing the IP form the shared ip list.