Setup virtual server environment for primary server

This may be simple and I’ve completely missed it, but I have installed Virtualmin on my VPS. This is using parent.tld as the main domain name.

I can create virtual servers for client1.tld etc. How do I setup virtual server services (i.e. mail, ftp, www) for the parent.tld?

When I try and create a virtual server for the parent.tld it tells me:

Failed to create virtual server : The DNS domain parent.tld is already hosted by your DNS server

Have I missed a simple setup step?


Well, normally, when Virtualmin creates a Virtual Server on your system, it sets up all aspects of that for you – web, email, dns, database, and so forth.

The error you’re receiving suggests that some part of that may already be setup, outside of Virtualmin (DNS in this case).

Was DNS for parent.tld setup already, outside of Virtualmin?

If so, my suggestion would be to remove that, if possible, and let Virtualmin set it up so that it’s then able to manage it as well.

Alternatively, you could tell Virtualmin not to enable the DNS feature for that domain.


Ok, maybe I didn’t explain that very well. The parent.tld is the root, master domain on which Virtualmin/Webmin is installed.

Should that parent.tld domain get all of the features that the virtual servers get (ie. client1.tld)?


Hmm, unfortunately, I’m a little confused as to your setup there… I’m not sure exactly what parent.tld being a root/master domain means in your case – normally, when Virtualmin is installed onto a system, no domains are configured on that server, except that the server has a hostname.

It sounds like on your system, at least one domain has some configuration that had been done outside of Virtualmin, which is what’s causing the problem you’re seeing. Virtualmin isn’t expecting to see any existing configuration of any domains.

If you want Virtualmin to be able to manage parent.tld – you would need to remove any portions of parent.tld that were setup outside of Virtualmin, and then use Virtualmin to create parent.tld.

Once Virtualmin is able to create parent.tld as a Virtual Server, it would then be able to manage it the same way it can manage client.tld.