Setup slave zone on second server


I have 2 servers.Both with Webmin.

On the masterzone webmin/Virtualmin GPL.
I added an second server as slave zone. The sync was successful but when I point the provider NS Servers to the Slave zone, the domains not reachable.

What is the correct procedure?

Did you follow this procedure?

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I added the second server to the Webmin server index.
The zones are updated at the Slave Server. Must I add the IP from the Slave server to the provider settings? I can add one IP.

Wait, huh? Are you using your providers NS or your own?


I’d be happy to work with you in getting a simple and straight forward DNS master / slave relationship built.

Once setup, it basically just works!

Drop me a line, I’ve helped dozens of folks in the past with this same challenge.

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Peter Knowles | TPN Solutions

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I switched to my own, but it won’t work with my second server as Slave. And I wonder if the name servers of my provider do not have to be specified on the slave server as well? :thinking:

I think there’s some confusion here. The name servers of your provider are irrelevant.

If you’re using Virtualmin for name service and setting up a secondary, you have no reason to use your providers for DNS for your domains. It is either/or. If you want them automatically managed by Virtualmin, you have to control the server…Virtualmin can’t setup slave zones for you on a server operated by someone else.

The second server is also mine and there is Webmin installed. I will read the wiki again on occasion how to do it exactly with setting up the slave zone on a remote server.

By the way, lwhen is the Pro version available again? @Joe

Okay, I think I got it. Only shows the wrong nameserver.
Forgot to change the settings at the domainregistrar. :see_no_evil:

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