Setup Slave DNS Zone - Create Virtual Server

Hi All,

I’m after some information, basically I have set up two virtualmin servers, both across the pond from each other. I am going to be hosting websites on both servers.

Now Server1 is set up as the master DNS server, and Server2 is the slave - This is all set up and working fine - I have manually created two master records on Server1 pointing to the two websites currently hosted on Server2.

Now in the server creation settings, I have disabled “Bind DNS Domain” and enabled “Slave DNS Domain”. The question is, when I create a new website on Server2, I want the DNS record to be put on Server1 automatically.

I could see on Server2 that the slave zone was created, but I was in a hurry to get the website up, that i created the master on Server1, but wondered if it would automatically transfer after X min/hour?

I can’t find any information on this on the net?


I’d be delighted to assist you in getting a DNS cluster setup. We use multiple Virtualmin hosts which manage websites, and automatically update two slave DNS servers running Webmin.

When you add a domain, it automatically adds the records to the slaves, and maintains them whenever you make changes (and deletes when you delete them).

In our setup, we use the two slave nodes as the publically accessible DNS servers for queries, and restrict access to the DNS server running on each hosting node so that the only servers able to access DNS from these nodes are the two slave nodes.

It sounds like you’re looking to accomplish something similar, and I’d be happy to share how we were able to get this setup. It’s not too difficult, and the functionality is built right in. Just needs be turn on and setup.

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