Setup IP's for Server

I just got 13 new IP addresses from my server company. I have a VPS with VirtualMin/WebMin Open Source is installed. I need to install these 13 IP’s for shared use. Please help! I have researched already, and nothing has come up that works.

You enter IP addresses for shared use under “Networking / Shared IP Addresses”.

For further hints, please give us some more details about what exactly you already tried and what did not work.

I have tried that, and it passed no errors, however, when I set my domain’s NS records to point to my IP addresses, the domains do not resolve.

Okay, I’ll gladly try to help you out there, but to give any meaningful advice, I’d need to know more details about your setup.

E.g. what domains do you have (please state the actual names, not placeholders), to what IPs they should resolve, how you configured them, etc.

Well, it actually seems that everything I was doing was the correct way to do it, however my IP provider forgot to add it to the vePortal admin on their side. Thanks for your time and effort, though!