Setup domain on dedicated server


I so far love <3 your product. You did a great job creating it.
I followed a tutorial ( about setting up a domain on my brand new dedicated server (the domain and server are with the same registrar). I have setup at my registrar panel the domain dns. That looks like follow:

I created a new dedicated server that I named and installed Ubuntu 14.04 (with nginx).
The command hostname shows me:
server name
The command hostname - f shows me
domain name

I am able to login to my website via the IP address of the dedicated serv, but I can’t login via domain name that I have setup using the mentioned tutorial.
Is there anything that I am missing to setup? Or does it take a while for the domain to be set up correctly and I just have to wait?

Thank you for your help


If you continue to be stuck, you could always share your domain name with us, and we can do some DNS testing… as you’re likely seeing a DNS issue.

That’s what I’d focus on though, making sure DNS is setup properly for your domain.

If you’re looking to use your Virtualmin server as a nameserver, you may want to take a look at the section “How do I setup nameservers for my server?” in the document here:


Thank you for your prompt answer.
I want my dedicated server to be the landing page for my domain, I want to use it also for email. So as per reading about it on webmin wiki, I understand that I have to set it up as webmin not virtualmin. Unless I’m wrong about that.

The domain name is:

I deeply appreciate your help.
I am thinking of purchasing the pro version, because the more I dig into it, the more I start to love it :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Ok. I have purchased the pro version of virtualmin and re-installed it from the beginning as per instructions:

I got a bit confused at the moment of setting up the webmin, when asked for " A fully qualified domain name". I used my domainname with ns1, but I still can’t login to webmin using the domain name, only by the server ip.

You don’t need to touch your registrars names servers, just the domain DNS to point to the server, basic DNS would be www the ipaddress … @ the ipaddress and * the ipaddress, but they all do things differently. After that, when you install VM from the install script it will ask for a FQDN if you have not already done this… after a fresh install of an OS by editing /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts to something like or whatever, reboot for good measure… after that run the VM install script after you have gave it permissions to do so as pointed out on the VM site.

Once VM is installed, add any packages you need like php5 curl, php5-gd etc etc and do another boot for good measure, then login to VM and go through all the first setup motions.

I would start from scratch if I were you and don’t faff about with nameservers.

What OS are you using?


Thank you for your replay.

I am using Ubuntu 14.04. The domain is together with the server at the registrar, so it is pointing the dns already to the server there.

So if I understood you correctly. What I am going to do is:

  • install a fresh OS (in my case Ubuntu, as I am working on it every day and got used to it somehow :slight_smile: )
  • Edit the /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts to show i.e. in both /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname (on my current installation it is named
  • reboot
  • install the vm script
  • install the nginx server for vm (I like using nginx over apache)
  • during the installation I should use as FQDN
  • I install some packages I like to use (i.e. phpmyadmin, firewalls like fail2ban etc.)
  • reboot
  • I go to the VM admin panel using the servers ip address (not domain name, since I understand it will not work at that moment, correct me if I’m wrong, please)
  • setup the as per tutorial here:

and the the domain should now point to the servers root (in that case nginx).

Thank you for your help

:slight_smile: Why nginx for starters? As to the setup please do not take me literally.

What I would do dude is go for a basic setup and get used to VM for a week or two and find out any problems, then when ready go for it.

If it’s the first time with a dedicated and VM I advise you slow down a bit.

I will. Thank you :slight_smile:

I have therefore a question regarding domains. Should I create a block for my root server via the command line and if yes, how can I then point the domain from the webmin panel to that root folder, for example /var/www? Should I create a virtual server for that, or just use the webmin DNS section for it? Just trying to understand if I have to create a virtual server in order to setup my website.

Okay, it looks like the nameservers for your domain point to

Is that a third party DNS provider?

Or is that pointing to your Virtualmin server?

The problem at the moment is that those nameservers don’t seem to know what your domain is… if that is a third party provider, that just means that you’d need to log into it, and make sure that your domain is configured within it.