Setting up webhook

is there any option to setup webook on Virtualmin Smtp server ? i need to know if i got an email, and if someone read email, then also smtp server (virtualmin) should send a signal to me. is there anything supported by virtualmin/webmin.
Doesn’t matter if its paid.

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This is a bit strange question, because if you get an email, you get an email. If you want to know if someone read your email, request for read-receipt in your email client (user can ignore it though). The fact that your email left Outbox and was placed into Sent folder, is good indication, that servers agreed to transfer data between each other.

You would want to look at the mail logs, and filter certain strings, while refreshing automatically at given time interval, if you wanted to monitor something in particular.

I’m sorry if the question wasn’t clear enough. Let me please re-state the question.

I’ve a few mail boxes to be used by automated programs (and not humans). As soon as an email is received, it should notify my web-server (using web-hooks, by any other means), that an automated program can initiate the process to access mailbox, extract an attachment and do certain processing.

I’ve done this with GMail and Outlook in the past as they offer an API to setup web-hooks to which I can subscribe and get notified.

The log processing way of doing that you’ve described will work but that involves pooling (i.e. continue to check after certain internal). That’s actually inefficient way in my opinion. It should be event driven.

Please share your thoughts. I’m totally good if there’s an plugin/component available on the VirtualMin platform.

IN Usermin mail ( default port 20000) you can use / set some rules / filters. ( for mail… a kind of wizard / wildcards also)

Maybe that suits you?

or as base starting point.

Further the if using postfix / dovecot / procmail you can have a look at those programms to.

Here some >

Please post also you solution while that is this forum for! :wink:

don’t know about dovecot http api’s