Setting up Virtualmin with Postfix as fax server

Hi All,

I’m trying to configure Virtualmin / Postfix to run as a hylafax fax server cell for They ( give instructions for Qmail, Sendmail and smail, but not for Postfix. For Qmail they say do the following; what would be the equivalent setup for Postfix / Virtualmin? By the way, I already have a working Virtualmin, Postfix, Hylafax system, which is a prerequisite.

Get qmail up and running. There are quite a few differences as compared to sendmail. Deal with these first.

Add/append the entries to the /var/qmail/controls/rcpthosts file that reflect the parts of the tpc DNS space that your zone is covering. For example my cell covers parts of +1416 and +1905. I have added:

N.B. Don’t forget the leading dot!

Add/append the specfic DNS encoded area codes and exchanges that you are serving to the /var/qmail/controls/virtualdomains file.

For example, if the cell only covers specifically:


one would add:

Create the file /var/qmail/alias/.qmail-tpc-default with the following content:

# tpc forwarding...
|/var/spool/tpc/ "$EXT2@$HOST" $SENDER

Note that your tpc directory might be different than in the above example. The important issue is to get the correct path to the perl script. The double quotes around the first argument are also superfluous.

Hi Virtualmin,

Can anyone comment or is this one being ignored for some reason???

No, you’re not being ignored, but I don’t have the slightest idea as to how to assist :slight_smile:

I don’t really know qmail, nor do I know how to convert everything it’s doing over to Postfix. Nor am I particularly familiar with Hylafax, it’s been years since I worked with that :slight_smile:

Perhaps there are there other HOWTO’s out there that cover getting your desired setup working with Postfix?