Setting up SSL for both www and non-www domain, is that possible ?


I’m swimming in a pit of confusion here, but I must confess this is something I am entirely unfamiliar with, may I please ask for help or advice ?

I found that the CA WoSign offers for free valid certificates to have SSL on our websites, so I went and took SSL certificates for some of my domains.

Much, much, much reading later, also spending hours with a “bearded” sysadmin friend in private messages, I had SSL understood and working…
or so I thought.

I now find that, apparelently, I have a SSL certificate for domain.tld, but not www.domain.tld O_o
I asked cloudflare (they’re providing CDN features for that domain - personally, I use them for the immediate DNS propagation when I change things), and they were kind enough to confirm me they didn’t see SSL working for the www version.

That becomes a problem when I find that, apparently, even if get a new certificate for www.domain.tld, on the other end, in virtualmin, I can’t setup TWO certificates for a single virtual domain.

Or can I ?
Or was there a trick with the Certificate Authority issuer allowing to setup a certificate for BOTH www and non-www versions of a domain ? If there was, then I’ve been had, WoSign offers certificates for free but requests 20$ to revoke them :smiley:

See, I’m kinda lost here. If you can help me, I’ll be most grateful, thank you! :slight_smile:


EDITS, I think I should provide more information to avoid confusion

  • it’s in Server Configuration > Manage SSL Certificate > Create Signing Request that I could input either www.domain.tld or domain.tld, in the “server name” field.

  • with the CA, WoSign, I could create certificates for www.domain.tld or domain.tld, and creating a certificate for domain.tld when I used www.domain.tld in the Create Signing Request page of virtualmin, that doesn’t work and is rejected by the web browsers, that creates an SSL error in which the domain does not match the certificate for which there is a domain.

Hmmm, really, wouldn’t anyone know ? Sorry to insist!