Setting up SSL enabled site

What steps must be done to setup the virtual ip required for ssl? Do I need to acquire an additional dedicated ip from my host or is there another ip I may use?

There’s a FAQ about this:,frequently_asked_questions/#can_i_create_an_ssl_virtual_host_with_virtualmin

And, yes you need an IP address for every SSL-enabled virtual server. It needs to be a real, routable, IP address–it cannot be a private IP address (unless a public routable IP address is being forwarded to it–but you still need one public IP dedicated to each SSL virtual server, even if you’re also using a private IP for each one).

How does this work for subdomains? If I purchase a wildcard ssl, do I just point all the subdomains to the same ip address?

Is it not possible to have a name-based ssl in webmin?

Hmm insteresting — I need to read up on that.

Is it not possible to have a name-based ssl in webmin?

No. When it becomes a standard feature of some of the systems we support (like when it goes into OpenSSL and the standard Apache mod_ssl), Webmin will be updated to include support for it.