Setting up private network

I really like the concept in Cloudmin of defining resource limits that can be used by the system owner to create as many systems as they like within their account using xen servers.

One question I have is how to allow the user to have a private network between all their systems they setup. I would like to have a plan that has lets say 5 IPs. These would be routable IPs that would get mapped to eth0 of the xen servers they create. I would like to setup eth1 to be a private network between all the servers on this one account.

Is this possible out of the box, meaning set it up at the plan level and forget it. Or is it something that would have to be added to the account manually after the fact.

In either case I would appreciate pointers in how to set this up.

Interesting. I would like to know if the Cloudmin creators seen this post because I was wondering the same thing.

I would like todo something similar. Does anyone know if it can be done?

Howdy – I’ll ask Jamie to chime in on this thread.



There’s no easy way that I know of to have a per-customer private network with Xen - however, what you can do is have host systems with two ethernet interfaces and two Xen bridges, and then setup Xen guests which also have two ethernet interfaces. They can then have both public and private IPs, and choose to use those private IPs to connect to other guests.

There is some documentation on this at :

Some knowledge of fairly advanced Linux networking and bridging is needed though.