Setting up on CentOS LAMP

Hi all,

I’m setting up a new (vps) server. I have a new install of CentOS LAMP on it (an image from the vps host).

I want to put the virtualmin gpl on it. The virtual min install looks straight forward enough:




but what I don’t know is… do I have mail functions on this thing already? Are mail services included in CentOS LAMP?

If I don’t, do I need to set that up before installing virtualmin, or does virtualmin take care of that?

It’s probably a stupid question, but that’s where I am with this thing :z

btw: this is for hosting my own sites and mail, not reselling hosting, if that makes any difference.<br><br>Post edited by: christophera, at: 2009/04/30 19:02

Yup, Virtualmin takes care of all thatfor you :slight_smile:

It’ll make sure Postfix is installed and running, and it’ll add some tweaks to the config file for you.

Not just mail, but it configures the Apache webserver, BIND DNS server, both the MySQL and PostgreSQL database, dovecot for check emailing via POP3 and IMAP, and many other goodies :slight_smile:

All you have to do is run, and then log into Virtualmin and start adding accounts.

Have fun :wink:

Wow, awesome, sounds great!

I’ll get to work on it first thing tomorrow, hope it really goes that smooth! I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

Yeah, I mean, you’ll find yourself wanting to tune/tweak things here and there.

And then this post by Katir reminds me that you may want to call up your provider, and have them set the reverse DNS for your server:

That’s not something Virtualmin can do for you, that’s something only your provider can do.

But in general, Virtualmin is pretty straight forward… and if it’s not, that’s probably a bug :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes for you.

Have a good one,

Excellent! It really was very easy. Piece of cake!

Only thing I ran into is after logging into virtualmin and running the check, there was a problem with the mysql password. With a little googling I found I could set the password easily via command line. Did that and entered it into the virtualmin mysql section and then the check ran without any trouble.

Yes, I’ll get the reverse dns set up.

Thank you, this looks great. Now I can explore virtualmin (been wanting to do that for a long time) and start moving my sites over to the new server!