Setting up Email Server only using Virtualmin GPL


  1. How can i setup Virtualmin GPL to catch ALL Mail from my domain
  2. Create email users who can access their mail anywhere in the world using an address like

Please point me on some howto using virtualmin.



You can setup a catchall email address – but remember that doing so will land you with an awful lot of spam :slight_smile:

To setup a catchall, go into Edit Mail Aliases, create a new alias, and for the alias name, choose the “All mailboxes” option.

Then, set it up to deliver where ever you want all the email to go.

As far as creating email users goes – anytime you add a Virtual Server, it sets up an alias named “webmail.domain.tld” for you, that your users can use to access their email.

You can tweak exactly how that works in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website. From there, you can tune the settings related to “Redirect webmail.domain to Usermin”.


in addition to Eric’s advice, catchall addresses open up the possibility of backscatter which can lead to your IP being blacklisted…and you don’t want your IP to be blacklisted :wink:

I agree, i think the catch all feature is not a good idea. I setup a virtual server to collect all emails sent from/to The only area am confused is the how to edit the A * MX records to send all mails sent to to be delivered to my mail server How can i go this?


You can do that by choosing from the dropdown list, and going into Services -> DNS Domain -> Mail Server.

From there, you can set the MX record any way you like.