Setting Up eCommerce for Services

How are you all setting up your digital stores for selling services?

Example: I want to provide WP hosting for some local business in my area. I have Virutalmin setup[, i have my own IT services site in the works and I was thinking that setting up something a simple a Woo Commerce would enable customers to purchase a plan from me. Where i buy the domain, forward the cost to them + a setup fee. Then get them their WP site and boom.

I don’t do it that way, but I guess it may work, I coded my own software that just uses the vmin/wmin api

I was thinking about the same. But I haven’t realised anything yet :grin:
The idea sounds good, but in my case I wouldn’t buy the domain for the client. Although it might be a super idea, in case you have a client who doesn’t know anything…

So i asked a old coworker who does a similar side gig. us as the Admins owning the domain enables us to get into the DNS settings and such. if you have the customer buy the domain name, then you’d have to have login credentials to do that. no sense in me paying for a domain after a customer leaves, so i just can stop paying when they end their contract.


I build custom solutions for clients when required/desired and provide a complete solution similar (if I’m reading correctly) that you intend to offer.

Most of my business is Sys Admin work, but most of the clients I do host I offer a “managed” solution for as noted above.

Good luck!

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