Setting up DNS Zone: How to Start Broadcasting?

Normally we used to all our domain names and IP records at Zone Edit. It was quite easy to use and when we purchased a new domain, it took me about 2 minutes to add a record and tell Zone Edit to broadcast, typically with 18 hours I was getting resolution on our local DNS here in Hawaii for the new domain/ip on our server in San Franscisco. Someone here decided it would be better to let our IT support company have that business, because the IT support company said they had the capacity to support our DNS SOA zones. OK, well we asked them to add a new domain nearly 2 weeks ago and it still is not resolving…

So, I was wondering: if I use Virtual min and add a DNS zone on our own web server for this domain, does this introduce a conflict with the other SOA? I assume it would not, if of course, we don’t change the IP here and then forget to inform them… assuming that the record here is a mirror match for the one at the company. we should be ok… right?

Then, second question: is there a way to get the DNS server here to “push/broadcast” the DNS info for the new domain?