Setting up DNS with Godaddy

Ok. Thanks a lot Joe!

That’s very interesting.

I asked dyndns to know if it’s possible to create a name server with their free domain (like but they told me not because of an impossibility to make glue records.

It’s really nice an easier if i can do it like you said.

I will try all that this week and come back soon to tell you what’s happened.

Best Regards!

But… Glue record changes takes much longer then normal dns updates, up to 24 hours compared to 1-8 hours for normal dns. The reason is because the root servers only update twice a day and I know a couple only do it once a day.


I tried to make glue records at my registrar (godaddy) but i cant use domain names to point to.

I can only use ip adresses.

That’s right. Glue records REQUIRE IP’s because those are synced to the root name servers, eg; A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET

Finally, is it possible to use dyndns to point to my BIND or not?

Finally, is it possible to use dyndns to point to my BIND or not?

Hmmm…I have no idea, though I imagine you could. But, why would you? The point of the DynDNS support in Virtualmin is so that provides your DNS service.

As I said earlier, it is not possible to reliably run a name server on dynamic IP. So the simple solution is to not run a DNS server on a dynamic IP. Let DynDNS provide your DNS service, and let Virtualmin setup the IP synchronization so that DynDNS mostly knows where your server is.

Oh ok.

My router is already setted up to use dyndns, so, i dont need ton configure it in virtualmin.

What i wanted to do is finding a way to bypass dynamic ip for ns but it’s seem’s to be impossible.

For a last chance, i will try Ronald solution this week and come back to telling you what’s happenend.

Thanks a lot friends!

You asked this same stuff on DynDNS forum and they gave you the same answer we did.

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008

Not wanting to be rude here but you have wasted not just our time but yours.

No matter where you ask you will get the same answer so please - please stop.

DNS server requires a static IP plain and simple and more so if you are going to use VM since it controls the dns directly.

6 months wasted trying to get a "yes" answer and you could have bought a IP by now.

un-subscribing from this thread because its wasting my time.

I suspect we’re working against a language barrier (I’m pretty sure English is not PatTzZ’ native tongue), in addition to a bit of inexperience on the part of PatTzZ, rather than any intent to waste folks time.

Scott’s right that it’s generally considered good form to let people know when you’re discussing the same issue in multiple locations (and conversely, bad form to post the same question to multiple locations without letting everyone know). In this case, a lot of folks did spend a lot of time trying to help, and it’s likely that spending a little time digesting their answers (which were almost universally correct both here and at the DynDNS forums) would have saved everybody some time. Reading some documentation never hurts, either…there’s quite a lot of really good documentation about DNS in a lot of different places, just a Google search away. (And the Webmin wiki also has some great BIND coverage written by Jamie, me, and some other folks.)

It may be a good thing to take a look at the date on the other posts before telling that i make you loose your time…

It was yesterday and it was because Joe told me to point glue records to dyndns…

When i’m learning something, i appreciate to have opinion from different people… maybe that’s stupid… sorry.

Thanks for the support and dont be worry, i will find answers by myself next time.


It was NOT yesterday – you asked this same question on the DynDNS forum at

And we told you the answer !! 4-5 times PLUS the dyndns people did as well.

YOU MUST HAVE A STATIC IP ---- there is now way around this at all.

You are wasting everyones time on this.

DynDNS only works for A records NOT – I repeat NOT for GLUE records.

Cessez de perdre notre temps!

Relax, Scott. We’re all just trying to make things work and learn something new. PatTzZ hasn’t committed any great crime, he’s just having trouble understanding how DNS works. We have a lot of folks who don’t grok DNS the first (or second, or third) time around. It seems to be one of those topics that’s just too boring to spend enough time studying for most folks. You and I are weird enough to have found it interesting, so we didn’t fall asleep when we read about how it works.

PatTzZ, you’re welcome to ask any question you have (dumb or otherwise). That’s what the forums are for. Scott’s not renowned for his patience. Knowledge, perhaps, but not so much patience. :wink:

I will say, however, that taking the time to actually understand DNS is probably the single best thing any web developer, system administrator, or even web designer, can do for their future productivity. The O’Reilly DNS and BIND book is the first one I recommend to anyone wanting to work with networked systems. The sections of the Webmin wiki on the topic are “light reading” in contrast, but will at least give you the basics.

actually the question is logical from a non english speaker point of view or per haps from a non specialist point of view.

because as the way of thinking goes ->ip needs to be static ->dyndns provides the correct route, so that must be converting non-static to static and if has an IP then why not use their IP for glue. hehe and that can not work as the IP’s keeps changing dynamically, that is why they are called Dyndns

If you try that service and check with a tool as you will notice that everytime you call the domain, it has a set of IP’s that constantly change.

if your IP changes once a month or every three months you can use that to experiment with at home, but not for hosting purposes. If it changes more often then you will need to get a static IP from your provider, although likely this will be expensive.

I don’t think that terms like “wasting time” is appropriate at all. As a registered member one can ask questions and keep asking until the clouds in the head disappear.
As a member you can also choose not to answer and simply go on with your own business. There is no need ever to be rude.

GLUE records requires a IP. That is a RFC.

Second you are right Joe, I have no patience when I have answered the question and I get repeated question again.

DNS servers can not be run correctly under a dynamic IP. This is why root servers all have dedicated IP’s.

Frankly english barrier or not GLUE records has been an established RFC for over 15 years.

And it IS ‘wasting’ my time and everyone elses when this user just can’t get his “yes” answer and needs to keep complaining about everyones answers. I take that as if they are calling me a idiot and they are the ones asking in 2 locations and getting the same flippin answers.

This thread is 6 months old. Let it rest.



Well if it is a waste of your time for someone to learn then donâ

Well if it is a waste of your time for someone to learn then donâ