Setting up an SSL Virtual Server

HI all,
I’m new to Virtualmin, (and relatively new to apache administration and SSL in particular) and I’m struggling to get an SSL site going. Is there a tutorial or documentation that someone can point me to?

I’ve been hosting several domains on a server running Plesk for 6 or 7 years and now I’m trying to migrate to a new server running webmin and virtualmin. I’ve setup SSL sites in Plesk before without much trouble, but for some reason I’m struggling with it here. I feel like such a newbie, I know I must be missing something simple.

Specifically I can’t seem to specify ip-based as the virtual server type. Virtualmin does not ask for name-based or ip-based. I know I must be missing something. Also, the network interface section of the setup form asks to select “shared, on IP” or “Virtual with IP”. Is this the same as selecting between name and ip based hosting? Once I’ve created the server I can find an option to enable SSL under the “owner limits” form, but setting that still doesn’t give me a place to upload a certificate. Is there another webmin module that I’m missing? Is there some configuration that I need to do in webmin or in the apache module before I can properly setup an SSL virtual server in Virtualmin?

I appreciate any advice or help you can give me.



You don’t specify what genre of VM you’re using (GPL or VMPro) so it’s a little hard to point you. First make sure you’ve added SSL as a feature in the VM module config.

For simplicity, go to the VMPro frame and click create server and the drop down menus will show up. Open the “IP address and forwarding” and you can place your IP address there. BIG NOTE:::: click the blue highlites and you’ll have popup help on the item, a tremendous feature :slight_smile: then check enable SSL under the enabled features.

If you’ve already got a server created then click edit virtual server, in configurable settings add the IP, then again enable SSL and VM will go through the semantics of setting up the SSL features.

As a caution though, you’ll want to set up the SSL through VM as opposed to webmin so that VM records all the info for a server.

Thanks Dan,
Sorry for not specifying. I’m using Virtualmin GPL. I appreciate your help!

I discovered that I did not have the SSL module installed for Apache. With that going everything seems to have fallen into place and my SSL virtual server appears to be working now.

As I mentioned I’m new to webmin and virtualmin. I’ve used apache on other servers for years and dealt with all of the concepts involved here, but I’ve always relyed on help from techs. So, even though I’m familiar with all of these topics, my understanding of them and the way they all work together is really quite shallow. It doesn’t take much of an obstacle to bring my efforts to halt.

There are so many aspects involved with running a hosting server like this. From the network interface hardware, to the Linux OS, Apache and all of it’s modules, Webmin and modules for it, Virtualmin, Bind DNS, PHP and MySQL and all of their configuration options, the FTP server, understanding users and groups and file permissions, the SSL certificate, and on and on and on. It can be daunting and especially frustrating when you only know a little about a lot of different subjects.

Any advice on a good book!

Hi Jay,

No problem. Click on the documentation link above for VM’s wiki or go to the Webmin site for Joe’s book or the online Webmin manual.