Setting up account plans and preventing specific ones from being utilised just by anyone

Howdy, folks.
I realise that this is probably a bit of a crazy topic, but I have Virtualmin GPL at present, installed on a new server.
At present, I’m waiting for the DNS to propigate, so their isn’t much I can do with the machine other than log onto the console, etc and do whatever while it propigates throughout the Internet.
While I wait for the first domain (wich will be my website domain and any data I add later), as I intend to run several sub-websites under that domain, wich is, I’m wondering something.
Suppose I have gone ahead and setup the virtual system, with the “Default Plan” that is included by default with a fresh Virtualmin installation.
In this case, this story holds true.
But now I add a new plan where I decide to not set limits (because I have no exact idea if my sites will take more space up with extra mailboxes, etc, etc.
So I make a plan called,
“Master Plan”
that I as the virtualMin admin /server admin alone will use.
So the question is then, what do I do to prevent others from just choosing to try using the “Master Plan” that I’ve configured?
I don’t know if this is makeing much sense, but I basicoly wouldn’t wish anyone else on my system to have the right ot use this “Master Plan”.
I’m ownly setting it up for myself, and secondly, without recreating the virtual system, how do I make it then use “Master Plan”, etc?


Well, since you’re logging in as root – or the Master Admin – you’re the only one who can create a top-level Virtual Server.

And only top-level Virtual Servers can choose plans.

So the plans you have setup – those are only selectable by you, as you create top-level Virtual Servers.

If you allow some of your users to create Sub-servers, they can’t choose a new plan for that Sub-Server, that Sub-Server is part of the plan that was chosen for the top-level server.