Setting SSL (pop/smtp)

Question Setting SSL (pop/smtp)

I’m trying to setup the mail server of my VPS running Virtualmin/Webin to use SSL(pop3/smtp) and not only STARTTLS protocl

Does anyone know how that can be achieved please?

start with the below and also search for guides on the subject.

You should enable SSL for your VPS from Virtualmin Edit Virtual Server / Enabled features /SSL website enabled?

Then from Server Configuration / Manage SSL Certificate you can manage your certificate
copy the certificate to Postfix and to dovecot.
Note that postfix accept only once certificate.

I haven’t bought certifications, thats why browsers pop a message saying that this site is unsecure.

could you tell me a few word about certifications anf if i can still access my mail from thunderbird using SSL please?

Yes, you can access the email from thunderbird using SSL.
you have to accept and add the certificate exception when asked.

Is this somethign differnet that the certificate browsers want when try try to present a webpage and verify its authenticity?