Setting defaults

I would like to setup the defaults for database names and admin name.

I would like a database prefix to be the name portion of the domain name (like mydomain in Where and what do I set to get this default behavior?

How does one create 3 databases by default. I.e. mydomain_cart, mydomain_backup and mydomain_private?

I would like the admin name to be and the password to be something related to ‘mydomain’ like maybe mydomain-‘some-3-digit-suffix’. The password should be auto-generated.

Also, how can I specify several default mailboxes to be created for the domain as well? I.e.,,,, etc…

I would like to receive configuration info sent to me in email so I can cut/paste it in an email to my client giving them all their DNS names, mailbox names, database names and their password. I’m hoping that the admin can be forced to change their password when login for the first time?

Sorry there are so many questions but I’ve not found a cookbook that actually guides me through this so I can learn it. I’ve not seen anything about creating multiple mailboxes nor multiple databases. The search for info on everything is very time consuming.

My clients will generally be ecommerce merchants with a single ‘user’.


Hi Tony,

You can set the database prefix in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Template -> MySQL Database. Look at the options "Default database name" and "Prefix for additional databases".

You can also go into the Mail for Domain section of the Server Templates, and setup any number of default aliases.

In Mail for Domain, you can also setup the text of an email your users would see when you create their accounts.

I don’t know of a way to automate creating additional databases from the web UI, nor do I know of a way to set what their password would be.

I’m also not sure about requiring them to change their passwords – since there’s so many different ways they could log in (SSH, FTP, IMAP/POP, SMTP, Webmin, Usermin, Roundcube/Squirrelmail) – not all of those protocols and the programs accessing them are going to handle change password requirements.

If you still want to experiment with it, you could look in Webmin -> System -> Users and Groups -> Module Config, and experiment with the options in there (especially New User Defaults).