Set up my VPS to act as a DNS server


I’ve got webmin+virtualmin working on my VPS and now I would like to use it as DNS server. It’s a worth to say that I’m going to host 20+ small / medium websites on my VPS… It is convenient to have my VPS be a nameserver as well as hosting the domains?

If you think is doable, what I need to do? I see Bind DNS feature in Webmin but not sure what to do next…



It sounds like you’re saying that you currently host DNS elsewhere for your domains, but that you’d like to setup your Virtualmin server to act as the nameserver?

If so — you can certainly do that! And it’d make adding new domains simpler, once you have that setup.

Instructions for doing so are here in the section “How do I setup nameservers for my server”:

So, if I set up my VPS to be a nameserver of my domains, will that cause some extra overload? I have 20 to 30 small / medium domains I’m going to host on my VPS…

My image is an Ubuntu 12.04.

Thank you!

Well, everything your server has to do will increase it’s load… but acting as a nameserver for 30 small/medium isn’t likely going to be a problem.

It’s possible it could take up some additional RAM, but if that becomes a problem, you could always restart BIND from cron at night.

I’d give using your system as a nameserver a try, that should be just fine – and there’s always ways to make tweaks to get it to work even better.