Set up MX record by default with new domain.

I’m using Virtualmin 3.78GPL, and I’m trying to get Virtualmin to create an MX record with every new DNS domain it creates. I can set it up manually after creating the site (Select site, go to Services -> DNS Domain -> Mail Server), but that’s extra work that would best be done automatically on the creation of the domain, since nearly every domain uses the same MX record. It’s only the rare cases that do not.

I’ve tried setting this up in the BIND configuration under the “Zone Defaults” category, but nothing on that page gets added to the DNS record for new sites.


In System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> BIND DNS Domain, in the “BIND DNS records for new domains” secion, try adding your desired MX record there.

Then, beneath that option, make sure “Add above to automatically generated records” is set.