set up email

Hi all,

I am little confused as I am figuring my facts. I have a client whose website is hosted elsewhere but they would like to host their email separately.

For this purpose, I got a VPS and installed Virtualmin on it.

Now I am lost after this.

Thanks all your time and help. Sorry to be an irritating newbie lol.



What would you like to know exactly?

It sounds like you got the first step of installing Virtualmin completed – what would you like to do next?


Thank Eric for replying. I would like to host emails for someone. I know it easy if I create a virtual sever and during the wizard, I get options to set up the email servvices also.

My confusion is that the client only wants emails on this server and web hosting on a different server.

So if I create a virtual server, let say and also create the mail boxes, then go the godaddy and point the MX setting my server and web hosting to another server. I am confused at this point.


Yup, what you’re describing should all work!

With the website on another server, and the email on this server – and GoDaddy directing the DNS entries to the correct servers – you should be in good shape!

What you’re describing should work just fine, but it sounds like you’re confused – is there a particular point you’re confused on?