set up email for domain which has already Virtual Server settings in Webmin

I have a case where i have the main domain pointing to nothing, and a sub directory with the data (drupal multisite).

The easiest way for me is to add domains with simply a server name and directory as a new virtual host in Webmin, apache server.

However, i dont get how i can add emails for that domain now?

I tried several things like alias, alias with email, etc. that might work but like i said the main domains points to the public_html but the actual content (and what i point the ‘alias’ domain to is in a sub-directory, and if i change it in the virtual hosts directives things go weird.

WHat could i do have simple a servername and directory directive, and also email? i guess set up dns manually to, or??

thanks for any tips here!!

Hi peterg.

You should be using the Virtualmin “Create Virtual Server” panels. Not the Webmin panels.

yes, the issue i ran into though is i want to point the domain to a /home/ANOTHERdomainuser/public_html/sub-dir

i could use alias with email yes, but this only points to where the main domain does (public_html, which is where i want the main domain), not the subdir.