Set Glue in bind

How do I set glue for my nameserver records in Bind? IntoDNS shows when I test my domains that my nameservers are not setting glue.

You can’t set glue record yourself, right?

I think you may have to ask your ISP or domain registrar to help you broadcast a glue record. I am not sure though.

As desperated mentioned, your name server has nothing to do with glue records. They are the responsibility of your registrar. Most registrars have an interface for configuring them for your zones. Your local BIND has no control over them (actually, that may not be entirely true–some registrars, like GoDaddy, have a weird system whereby you can only give it names for the nameserver part of the glue records, and so your nameservers have to already be resolvable in an existing nameserver and zone–it makes it impossible to “bootstrap” a zone into existence, if you don’t already have configurable DNS service for one of your domains…it’s an irritating “easy to use” interface quirk of at least some registrars).