Set Default PHP Time Zone in Server Template?

I’ve learned (the hard way) that I need to set the default php time zone even when I have the correct date and time settings on my VPS.

Is there anyway to set this in the template that creates the server? It is a bit of a chore to go through all the sites you created to fix this issue by navigating and clicking:

Virtualmin -> Services -> PHP Configuration -> Other Settings.

It is also a bit of a chore to do after creating the server manually. And it looks like something that would lend itself to being a choice in Virtualmin somewhere so I can select America/Denver one time.

Am I missing it or is this a feature request?


Virtualmin copies the php.ini file in /etc to each new Virtual Server that’s created. So any changed made in it will be included in any new domain you add to your system.

On CentOS, that’s in /etc/php.ini.

On Debian/Ubuntu, that’s /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini.


Thanks. I thought there had to be a way.

I just set the default time zone in Webmin -> Others -> PHP Configuration -> Actions -> manage -> Other Settings.