Set CustomField during "virtualmin create-domain" - Documentation need to be more clear!

I wonder how to set the value of a custom-field by using virtualmin create-domain via CLI.

I found that in the documentation there is a * behind this option …[--field-name value]* but I don’t see what it means.
First I thought it is a footnote, but there isn’t any at the page.

I have to custom fields at my Server: CustomerNo and CustomerEmail.

I tried to set it like this (without success):

virtualmin create-domain --domain --virtualmin-nginx --virtualmin-nginx-ssl --dir --parent --field-name CustomerNo "xXx"

I just get:

Custom field name does not exist

At least I figured out, that it’s meant like this:

[--field-<yourFieldNameHere> value]*

Result in this working example:

virtualmin create-domain --domain --virtualmin-nginx --virtualmin-nginx-ssl --dir --parent --field-CustomerNo "xXx"

Can somebody please add a footnote to the documentation, or optimize the way the parameter is described (even in the CLI with using “virtualmin --help”)?

Another small feature wish: