Set Auto Clearing on ALL spam folders globally?

Just found a user with over 15,000 spam emails in the spam folder. I wonder if its related to high cpu usage for clamscan/spamassassin I have. So I set it to auto-clear for 10 days in case it was.

Is there a way to set every user’s auto-clearing of spam folder to 10 days, and have it setup automatically? I dont really want to go through everyone’s Usermin Manage Folders settings to set it, will take me days!


Found the setting for new users…
Server Templates -> Default Settings -> Spam Filtering

So just need to find out how to quickly update all users.

This is an old thread, but I found the answer.

There’s a command line interface way of doing it

sudo virtualmin modify-spam --all-domains --spamclear-days 10

It’s documented