Session foo in log entries

I have been noticing an odd entry in my connections log "timeout of session for foo".

I never see a session opened for "foo", so it seems odd that it is timing out.

The entry appears sporadically, see logwatch extract below.

I am not aware of any problem related to this, it just seems like a “loose end” that might be cleaned up, if no one has any idea, that’s ok.

I am running:

RHEL 3 with up2date operating
Webmin 1.221
Apache 2.0.46 with a few active sites.

--------------------- Connections (secure-log) Begin ------------------------

Unmatched Entries

webmin[[17329]]: Timeout of session for foo

8-11 1 times not related webmin start
8-13 3 times immediately after webmin start
8-20 1 time not related to webmin start
8-27 1 time not related to webmin start

usermin[[29658]]: Timeout of session for foo

8-18 1 time not related to start

I’m having the same problems, i’m not sure if it’s webmin related or virtualmin related.
When i try to add a new virtual server it just hangs on
Re-starting DNS server …
… done

Re-starting Webmin …

and in my logs i see after a while
Nov 25 16:12:48 net-care webmin[[5426]]: Webmin starting
Nov 25 16:15:05 net-care webmin[[5669]]: Timeout of session for foo

and the virtual server is never created, i allready tried it with Selinux completely disabled figuring it had something to do with it, but without any luck.

I did not had these problems before i upgraded webmin (stupid me, i don’t remember what version i was using) now i’m running
webmin 1.240 and virtualmin 2.609.

I hope someone can help.

Well after nearly 1 hour waiting for webmin to start i get

Re-starting Webmin …
… failed! Failed to restart Webmin server! at …/ line 823.

Saving server details …
… done

Well… it seems there’s something wrong with the virtual server, on a new box (FC4) everything worked fine… untill i restored the virtual servers… now i have to wait for a hour before the virtual server is restored/created…

Going to dig into it…

I am getting this error as well.

running FreeBSD 6.1 I’m just trying to get things setup and plug all the glue together. when creating a virtual host or deleting one, webmin restart crash…

its a different line number than the one mentioned above, though.

Re-starting Webmin …
… failed! Failed to restart Webmin server! at …/ line 860.