Service randomly turned off: Miniserv, DNS BIND Server, ProFTPd FTP Server, Postfix Mail Server, ovecot IMAP/POP3 Server


I have setup Virtualmin on a Godaddy VPS (1GB RAM Package). The problem is some services which are Miniserv, DNS BIND Server, ProFTPd FTP Server, Postfix Mail Server, ovecot IMAP/POP3 Server; randomly turning off for unknown reason. Apache, MySQL and SSH servers are still alive.

All scripts are properly running on the other hosting provider (both shared hosting & VPS with webmin).

Please help me to know how can I troubleshoot that or at least keep DNS server running properly like Apache, MySQL



Yeah, software certainly shouldn’t just stop running :slight_smile:

When things like that happen, it’s often a memory related issue…

Do you happen to know what VPS software GoDaddy is using for their VPS’s?

Also, what does the command 'free -m" show?

Lastly, if you run the command “dmesg”, do you see any errors towards the end of that output?


I have no idea which VPS software they are running, but according to, Godaddy uses Parallels Virtuozzo (Built on top of OpenVZ).

“Free - m” returned:

total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 1024 329 694 0 0 0
-/+ buffers/cache: 329 694
Swap: 0 0 0

“dmesg” returned nothing

I always see a lot of memory available (both when using “top” and in Virtualmin). Actually, I run only two domains with 300-400 visitors a day with common scripts like Wordpress and Livezilla. I do not it is exhaust of memory with these scripts & a small of visits like that.

I do believe that this was issued by the side of Godaddy parent Server, but dont have reasonable clues.

Please give me a solution on that,


I see three reasons why applications should suddenly stop running. Either they encounter an internal error and crash, in which case they usually log something to their own log or to syslog. It’s rather unlikely though that this occurs to all of those applications you listed.

Then, you might be running out of VPS resources, and the host might be killing your applications. Which should only happen in case of excessive RAM or disk use, which is probably not the case for you. You might still watch atop - or even have it record a usage log - if there are spikes before the apps shut down.

Then, the OS installation might be faulty and applications might crash due to random segfaults. In which case something should be logged in the kernel log.

Or, the hardware of the host is faulty and causes crashes, which - depending on virtualization software - would occur to other users as well.

You should double-check all logs for possible error notices, and might also ask your hoster for information on this topic. If nothing else helps, you might switch hoster. Godaddy is not exactly known for its high quality. :slight_smile: