Service monitor alert for site that has been deleted

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04.4
Webmin version 2.111
Virtualmin version 7.10.0 Pro
Related packages n/a

I keep getting email alerts like

Monitor on #my-server# for ‘Website #deleted-site#’ has detected that the service has gone down at 05/18/2024 01:55 AM

For a site that was deleted some time ago. How do I stop this?

@staff I went to log this in the support forum but I understand it’s moved here and I tag you instead?

If you want to make a private support ticket, you send us a PM. If you click the “Create Premium Support Ticket” button on the Support page it will open the forum with a private message window open and the recipient set to @staff. (This assumes you’re logged into

Tagging us is not the same as sending a PM.

But, this doesn’t seem like a sensitive topic, so talking about it in the public forum is fine.

You may be able to find and delete that monitor in Webmin->Tools->System and Server Status. If not, I’ll have to ping Jamie or Ilia about where virtualmin status checks can be edited. It should have been deleted automatically, but I guess something went wrong with that.

Webmin->Tools->System and Server Status

Perfect, that had it thanks

Was this a domain that was created and then deleted in Virtualmin?

Yes. It was restored from a backup migration from another server though, so may be an edge case.

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