Servers with ARM processors

I have just signed up to use, a firm that is introducing quite a distinct product to the server market. Their servers are based on ARM processors, which in my view, are likely to be a rapidly growing trend in this sector given the lean, and energy efficient design of the ARM CPU.

But, a Virtualmin install gags due to the lack of ARM binary support. This may mean me having to search for an alternative that does work on ARM. Others will no doubt do the same.

It is very likely Virtualmin will need to acknowledge this emerging market before it starts to hemorrhage customers. What are your plans for supporting ARM and when might such support be available?


We haven’t received many requests to support ARM – actually, you’re only the second to request it, the first came in IRC earlier this week.

The issue there is that it requires a lot of time and effort to build and maintain a new architecture – so we’d need to make sure there’s sufficient demand for such a thing.

We’re going to discuss that at our next meeting… which was initially scheduled for today, but Jamie’s on vacation, so that should be next week :slight_smile:

So we’ll be talking about that soon.

I can’t make any promises as to what we’ll support and when at this time, but we can certainly discuss it.

Of course, if anyone wishes to fund development of a new architecture, that’s absolutely something we could discuss and that would expedite such support.


It can be done manually but is a load of work and I still had some issues, sortable though I would have thought, but I really like the install script, I brought this up on IRC as the new project I had in mind is very promising.

How much funding help are we talking about here?

Surely VM on ARM servers would be another notch up for VM :slight_smile:

I just cancelled my scaleway server as I only want VM on all my projects.

@kevanharding have you found a CP that easily installs yet? Not tried myself but those ARM servers look great.


I have exactly the same problem, I use virtualmin for several years, but now i migrated my application on scaleway servers who use ARM architecture.

I can install all my services except virtualmin, which doesn’t support ARM.

for the moment, I use an alternative solution, as Ajenti, but it will be great if we can have this support for virtualmin.

ARM starts to be a popular solution for dedicated servers, and i think we are many people in this case

Thank You for your help.


We are indeed considering ARM support.

There are a couple of things we’re in the middle of at the moment, but after those are completed we’ll give that a good look.

We do lack an ARM-based server for testing/development, we would need to figure that out.

Out of curiosity, what is the output of this command on one of your Scaleway servers:

cat /proc/cpuinfo

They just dropped the price to 2.99 euro? Why don’t you get one :slight_smile:

I can get one for you and give root.

Less than a pint of beer :slight_smile:

Great !

yes the scaleway price is just 2.99 € / month for an instance

with your command, I get this result :

shell> cat /proc/cpuinfo

Processor : Marvell PJ4Bv7 Processor rev 2 (v7l)

processor : 0

BogoMIPS : 1332.01

processor : 1

BogoMIPS : 1332.01

processor : 2

BogoMIPS : 1332.01

processor : 3

BogoMIPS : 1332.01

Features : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp vfpv3 tls

CPU implementer : 0x56

CPU architecture: 7

CPU variant : 0x2

CPU part : 0x584

CPU revision : 2

Hardware : Online Labs C1

Revision : 0000

Serial : 0000000000000000

Ajenti looks nice, installed very quickly with no problems but it aint a touch on VM.

Really hope VM is available very soon for ARM servers.

I’m switch to Scaleway too, new price is really good. Hope VM is available soon too.

Any news?

How is this possible?

Webmin on ARMv7

It’s VM that is the problem and not webmin.

Sorry, no news yet… we have some large projects we’re currently finishing up… once we do so, we’ll look at this in more detail!


Jamie, Joe and Eric will come through in the end. :slight_smile:

The 3 amigos :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the new sites.

+1 request for ARM Support …

Is there any update on this subject.

Is VM now available on Scaleway ?

I am looking to use the service


Webmin is available. No Virtualmin VM

+1 for ARM support.
Got here because of scaleway too :smiley:
HHVM seems to have plans for ARM support by the end of 2015 too.

Any updates on this?

Any updates on this?

So, I don’t currently have access to any ARM hardware, but it does look like I can emulate it reasonably easily.

Here’s what needs to happen to make Virtualmin run on ARM, assuming you’re running an ARM build of one of our supported distros (it’s really not much):

  1. Build procmail-wrapper for ARM.
  2. Build Apache for ARM (only needed for CentOS/RHEL/Scientific, which only has a beta build, I think).
  3. Make repository for ARM.
  4. Modify to detect ARM (it already has detection for i386 vs x86_64, so this isn’t huge).

You could run Virtualmin on ARM today, as long as you don’t need the advanced mail processing stuff (procmail-wrapper), and if you’re able to handle the manual process of configuring it (which is, admittedly very tedious, though less so lately, if you can get to a point where installing virtualmi-base is functional).

Small list of things; it shouldn’t take more than a week or so of my attention. But, I still have my hands full after the migration to Drupal 7.

So give me another week or two to sort out the remaining big issues with the new site; particularly handling renewals of old licenses, and upgrades of licenses in general. Then, I’ll tackle ARM. If someone wants to help…well, I wouldn’t turn down help. (Note the install script is now up on github. I’ll be cleaning it up some more and testing it soon…I’m not sure the one on github actually works, at the moment, as I made a bunch of cleanups based on shellcheck advice, and it may have broken things). And I need to polish up the virtualmin-base packages and get them into their own repos, as well. I’ll sort of consider adding ARM support to be one of the goals of this move of all installer related stuff into public github repos.

Link for the virtualmin-install github repo