Server won't boot after automatic updates

Hi Team,
I’m in a pickle.
There were a lot of Virtualmin updates that I had not installed so I did them all yesterday.
Initially everything seemed fine but some hours later I realised email was no longer working.
There was one new update in the notifications so I installed that too and then rebooted to see if email would come back.
Unfortunately the server will not boot at all now :frowning:
I am able to access the server using Rescue 64 to boot - provided by my host OVH.
From digging around on the forums here I’ve not found anyone with exactly this problem - the closest I found was someone saying they could not boot there server after a kernel update - they resolved it by using an older kernel.
Is it possible the kernel could have been updated via a Virtualmin update?

At this stage I am a bit lost - if anyone has any ideas about what could cause a CentOS/Virtualmin server to not boot after performing a number of Virtualmin updates please let me know.
Thanks in advance