Server unavailable during scheduled backups


I’ve setup a scheduled backup which backs up all my virtual hosts, make archive, upload for each one.

I’m running the last Virtualmin stable version on a Debian Lenny box, and sending those backups files (so 1 per vhost) to an FTP server.

The problem I’m facing is that every time the schedule is run, my server is unavailable during about 15-20 minutes.

Any clue on this? Is it possible to set some sort of ‘nice’ level on this job? And how?

Thank you guys!

How much RAM does your system have, and what sort of load do you typically see during the day (visible with the “uptime” command).

While I haven’t seen a server go unavailable before, if your server is low on resources (be it RAM, disk IO, and so forth), that sort of thing can happen since backups can be pretty resource intensive.

You may want to keep an eye on the systems load average throughout the backup process, and get an idea of what resources are low.

You should be able to tweak the niceness of that by going into Webmin -> Webmin -> Advanced, and edit “CPU Priority for Scheduled Jobs”. However, I believe that defaults to 10.