Server to server migration: can't receive emails

Hi forum need some help,

Did server to server migration (
Both VPS are on the same Linux distributions. Did “Re-Check Configuration” & “Re-Run Install Wizard” on new machine, no problem everything went smooth but…

Can not receive emails.

p.s. (“Send email” working ok)

thank you

Have you set up a new email to test? If the new email works your setting in your email client might be wrong.

Also check firewall i snot blocking email ports.


Also, let us know what errors you’re seeing when sending yourself an email.

You can see email errors in /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log.



Perhaps a silly question, though because I’ve made this mistake a few times myself it’s worth eliminating the possibility of…

Is your MX record pointing to the new VPS?

Sometimes when you migrate a virtual server, the DNS records don’t get updated correctly, so you might still be pointing your MX record to the old VPS.

Failing that, feel free to fire me a message on Skype and I’ll take a look into what may be causing the issue over a screen sharing session (so we can resolve, and you can learn along the way).

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