Server Template - Without BIND

I have a server template that’s working fine in Vmin Pro 3.7. Except that I was running BIND, and my sysadmin advises I don’t need it, since I am using the hosting company’s nameservers.

So I shut off BIND in Webmin, and I think that the related thing I need to do is, in my Server Template, make sure it doesn’t try to do anything related to BIND. Under Edit Server Template, in Virtual server template details (BIND DNS domain), the nearest thing I can find to an OFF button is to use the Records Below radio button, and then not put anything in the box. Is that right, if I don’t want the template to set up any DNS?

This doesn’t work if you also check “Use only the records above” below the list …
“Failed to save server template : No DNS records entered”

Allowing “Add above to automatically generated records”? That lets me save the Server Template, at least.


Well, if you don’t want to use or run BIND, you’d want to go into System Settings -> Features and Plugins, and disable the “DNS” feature.

That will keep it from trying to enter any DNS settings – and it will no longer expect your system to be configured to use itself as a DNS server.