Server/Sub Server database prefix


I’m wondering what I can do to stop database prefix … ‘collisions’ if you like. The problem with how it is currently, is that virtual servers with the same sub-domain will have the same database prefix.

For example, if I create ‘’ it’s database prefix will be ‘foobar_’ (this is with it set to ${PREFIX}_), however the domain ‘’ will also have the same prefix.

What would be better, is to have the prefix for sub-servers also be prefixed with the initial account name.

So, if I first create ‘’, the prefix for databases will be ‘example_’. Then, if I create a sub-server ‘’ the prefix for it will be ‘example_foobar_’.

I’m wondering if I can set this up somehow, since I’ve been playing with the prefix setting for the past hour trying to work it out =3.



any help on this would be great =)

This is bug-like. You should file a ticket in the bug tracker, and Jamie will get some sort of general solution in place.