Server setup on port 8080 for DynDNS, plus other setup questions


In anticipation of buying a dedicated server and colocating it to host 2 web sites (each on its own domain), I have installed an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS LAMP server on an old home PC for testing. Immediately after installing the OS from the CD, I installed Virualmin GPL via the script and it worked flawlessly…so thank you Virtualmin for the easy experience :slight_smile: I am new to Virtualmin/Webmin.

For home testing I am having to use DynDNS because my IP’s are dynamic. Also, I can’t use port 80 because it has been blocked by my ISP, so I’m using port 8080 instead.

When I installed Ubuntu, I put as the host name since it is a FQDN. ( is one of DynDNS’s domains, and the xxxx of is my purchased domain that is forwarded to my home server.)

My questions are:

  1. How should I set up the 2 domains in Virutalmin, since both will operate on port 8080? Also, they will each need their own mail accounts (web mail only, and also the PHP scripts need to be able to send mail).

  2. Is it ok to use the FQDN as one of the two sites, or is that like a master account which shouldn’t be used?

  3. When I’m ready to move to production I will use real domain names instead of the DynDNS domains. This will not be on my home PC server. It will be on a colocated dedicated server (can’t do VPS for several reasons). Each domain will need its own IP for several reasons, one of which is that each domain will need its own SSL certificate. How will this configuration differ from my test configuration (as far as Virutalmin is concerned)?

I know that’s a lot but I figure I should get this figured out before spending a lot of money on a server and hosting fees.

Thank you!