Server restore failed

Ubuntu Server 22.04.2 REQUIRED
Virtualmin version 7.7 REQUIRED

Virtual server Restore failed from backup because MySQL password policy.

Fatal Error!
Restore failed : SQL alter user 'example'@'localhost' identified with caching_sha2_password by 'password' failed : Your password does not satisfy the current policy requirements

Please help I am stuck

restoring what from where to where?

Sorry. I am restoring to a new computer from my old computer. I have Virtualmin installed on the new computer
I used Backup Virtual Servers then used Restore Virtual server from tar.gz

I’ve seen this issue defore. Google the issue and found this.

Cool. Thanks for the help. I will update you on my progress

I just did a fresh install just to check, by default the validate password is not installed.
found this also

maybe that was enabled on old server?

And I backed up a Virtual Server (Rocky9) and restored to the test machine (ubuntu 22.04) no issue, it had a wordpress website, no errors.

I too have a Wordpress virtual server I am hoping I can restore
Thanks again.

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