Server "refused to connect"

OS type and version: ubuntu18.04
Webmin version: 1.973
Virtualmin version: 6.16
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

Every now and then, when I go to “myip:10000”, there will be an error message saying something like “server refused to connect”. Every time this happens, I will have to restart the server to get it back to normal. What could possibly be wrong with my webmin?

The Webmin process is being killed, causing you to see the ‘unable to connect’ message.

What is killing the Webmin process? It could be the Out Of Memory (OOM) reaper on low resource systems. I configure all my Virtualmin low & medium resource (i.e. less than 4 GB RAM / 4 core) systems to not use clam anti-virus and it is this single thing which has made the ‘unable to connect’ message a rare sight.

Instead of rebooting the system when Webmin is unavailable, it might be better to quickly
service webmin restart

You will then be able to login to Webmin without restarting your system.

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This is the same issue I had for a while driving me crazy. I fixed it by going into Features and Plugins and disabling Virus Filtering on all domains.

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