Server not working unknown error

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 20.04

Hi guys,

I have my server running since February 2021 and it was working just fine for the last few months so far.
I recently went on my site, and find out he was down. I try to troubleshoot the server but I’m unable to find what error occurs everything seems to be as it was before. During the last few months, I was only making updating my server, so I haven’t touch anything in the settings. Yesterday, I reinstall the virtual host and usually, it works fine, but not this time. on chrome I get the chrome error page (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED) and when I preview the site from Services>Preview Website I get: Failed to connect to : Connection refused

What to do to make my site works? and what happened?


From the CLI, type
sudo service apache restart

See if this gets your websites to show.

Failed to restart apache.service: Unit apache.service not found.


On Debian based systems (including Ubuntu) the correct command is:

systemctl restart apache2.service

Essentially it’s not “apache” but “apache2”.

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Thanks @tpnsolutions - it’s apache2 and not apache which should have been used in the CLI command. My bad.

Too many beers on a Sunday.

Thanks, @calport and @tpnsolutions It’s working.

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