Server not receiving email

Ubuntu 20.04 REQUIRED
Webmin 1.981 REQUIRED
Virtualmin 6.17-3 REQUIRED
RoundCube 1.5.1 RECOMMENDED

For some reason, I’m not receiving emails on the server. However, I can send email from RoundCube without issue. I’m getting the following same bounced message when sending any email (from Outlook or Gmail) to any email address associated with the server’s domain name.
" For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.
The mail system
<> (expanded from <>): can’t create user output file"
Any input on how to fix this please?

I presume you have checked the obvious things like disk space and permissions?

Is it just this user/domain, or all users/domains? Quota settings?

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The issue is with all users on that domain. The disk quota=50MiB and disk used=150 kiB. For the permission, where should I go and check? What is the expected permission?

any news guys, facing same issue,

In your case, @rioshaz , I see from the other topic that you have created, that the following is part of your error / bounce message:

Disk quota for has been reached.

This indicates that there is a quota issue. Each mailbox in Virtualmin has a quota set to a low default (I think it is 50 MB per mailbox) and each virtual server has a quota set to 1 GB. Are you sure you have ascertained that both quota have not been exceeded?

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i have not even sent a single email… and quota is unlimited so i winder how can that be, i have checked also , quota is available…

the problem is something else, maybe permission but i don’t know what permission to give…

@calport @noisemarine @rioshaz @jfeuzeu,

I just addressed @jfeuzeu matter, which as suspected by a few of us was “quota” related. His quota for the domain was set to the Default Plan of 1GB, and he was using well over 2GB… So when mail was being received the system was not accepting the message due to him being over quota.

I addressed the issue by showing him how to setup new Account Plans or adjusting the quota directly in the Virtual Server config.

Next, I adjusted the Server Template for Mail so that mailboxes by default are assigned Unlimited quota (up to Virtual Server quota that is), and adjusted existing mailboxes to resemble this setting.

Tada, everything started working as intended!

Thanks to @noisemarine and @calport for suggesting what I actually took care of. @jfeuzeu clearly didn’t understand the suggestion, or where to make the change so while the advice was well founded, it didn’t compute with him at the time :slight_smile:

Happy holidays @jfeuzeu – This one is on the house!

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@tpnsolutions thank you for ur support, but where to go n change what ?

i have assigned unlimited quota to this domain and still mail is not received… (infact this is first time i am trying to receive email here on this server… i have 5 more site parked but none needed emails so never wanted it…)

where to go n adjust server template for mail ?
can u pls give step step solution?

@noisemarine @calport @rioshaz @jfeuzeu,

Wow, what a session…

@rioshaz had quite a different issue from @jfeuzeu and while at first glance it did appear to be a quota issue, it turned out he had software using the port normally used for “lookup-domain” which was causing his problems. After turning off the offending software which was introduced into his environment prior to making use of email, everything suddenly worked. He’s now going to be re-configuring either “lookup-domain” or his software to address the issue on-going.

Perhaps one of the @staff can add a GUI feature making the port used by lookup-domain (11000) “configurable” so that people running into a similar situation can easily address the matter.

I obviously mentioned that re-configuring the software introduced would likely be the best option, though I understand that may be easier said then done depending on who and how it’s developed.

Anywho, 3 hours later and we’ve created another holiday resolution!

As I mentioned to @rioshaz jokingly, he saved nearly $240 CAD which I’d normally have charged for such a session… Happy holidays @rioshaz

*** try not to break anything else before the new year :slight_smile: ***


Sure, we could make the port configurable. In this case, what was it conflicting with though?


He had this python script which was configured to make use of the port.

As noted in my post in the forum, I did point out generally it’s best to configure a conflicting script to use an alternate port.

In this users case, he pointed out he installed the script before making use of email so was unaware of the conflict.

When I suggested that adjusting the “” script (something he thought would be easier) would lead to him having to constantly maintain the change each time he updates Virtualmin, he also pointed out this would also be the case for his script.

So I got thinking about the suggestion I sent you, as most wouldn’t likely need to adjust but for those who do, having it configurable somewhere instead of hardcoded might make sense. I believe Webmin and Usermin can already have their ports adjusted as can nearly all products (Apache, Postfix, etc), hence the further justification.

Thanks for the consideration Jamie!

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@tpnsolutions thanks for coming to the rescue, before we started I had taken a snapshot, and after the diagnosis, i rolled back the snapshot and then emails just work fine and i didn’t have to change anything… i don’t know how it got fixed but it got fixed on its own.

the only thing i did after rollback was i change the root vps login thats all

Got it, thanks! It should be pretty easy to make this customizable …

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@tpnsolutions @Jamie changing port no: 11000 for doesnt solve the problem.

if i change the port then emails dont work n i get below error :

<> (expanded from <>): can’t create user output file"

if i put port 11000 again its starts working…

how can fix it sir…

Just changing the server port won’t entirely fix the issue, as the lookup-domain command that connects to the server also has to change. You can find this in /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/

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