server not parsing domain name.

I have a problem with my newly setup server.
For some reason it won’t parse incomming domain names and direct them to the right vhost. Instead the server sends all requests to the apache default ‘It works!’ page.

there must be an error in the config some where. any ideas?

Ok let’s try this again… might have been a tad confusing in the op.

I want to host several domains on the same server. And there for it should be a name-based hosing. But for some reason … instead of directing a request to ‘/home/pockettech/public_html’ or some other domain root folder, all domains directed at the server goes to ‘/var/www/’ root.

And I can’t for the life of me figure out what is wrong.

The server is fresh install of ubuntu 10.04 running the latest virtualmin GPL installed via the sh script.

the following domains points to the same server: (no virtual server) (have a virtual server)