Server Moved Datacenters

I got my VPS to be moved from Las Vegas to New York. After the move I changed the DNS IPs on both my Namecheap account and under the DNS zone for the two nameservers under one of my virtual servers. I’m still seeing the default page from the old server, and pinging the domains shows the old IP, but pinging the nameservers show their IPs have been updated. What more do I need to change?


Well, you may be seeing cached DNS entries. DNS can be cached for a day or two.

What I would suggest is trying this from a different computer and different ISP, so see if that works.

You could always post the name of one of your domains here temporarily (you can edit it out later), and we could test it out too.

-Eric is one.


Okay, I’m seeing the CentOS test page when I go there. And the IP resolves to “”.

Is that the right IP address, but the wrong webpage?

To change an IP address in Virtualmin, I’d suggest going into Server Configuration -> Change IP Address.

In addition to changing the IP address in the DNS records, that also makes certain that Apache is setup with the correct IP for that domain.


No that’s the old one. Also yeah when I went to change IP address for each of them it showed the old IP. I can’t figure out how to put the new one in, it doesn’t show up in the drop down box.


Before the IP address will show up there, you’d first need to add that IP in Addresses and Networking -> Shared IP Address.


Ok I added them, so now I manually change them?

Also how can I change my default shared address?

And also delete the old IPs?

Funny enough that actually did the trick. Changing the IPs locally. Still looking for the above answers though, thanks!


Do you have any ethernet interfaces using IP addresses that you no longer want?

For example, if you look in Webmin -> Networking -> Network Configuration -> Network Interfaces, are you looking to use all those IP addresses listed there?

However, I believe the default shared IP address is based on the order they show up in your ethernet interfaces. That is, the default should be “eth0”, which is the first ethernet interface.