Server lists in apache webserver and Virtualmin Virtual Servers are not Consistent


we meet a problem, the situation is:

  1. we have 30 virtual hosts, and these hosts are working smoothly. but we found some of them are not shown in Virtualmin Virtual Servers page, but they all show on the Apache Webserver page.

  2. we check the Running Processes, the hosts are all alive. include the hosts isn’t shown on the Virtualmin Virtual Servers page.

  3. we check the backup logs, the hosts (which are not shown on the Virtualmin Virtual Servers page) didn’t been backup.

we runs virtualmin for several years, this is first time we meet the problem and found no solution.

after testing, still found no solution. so, we decided to delete the user account, db, home directory, and then create a new virtual hosts and restore a backup.

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