server is running in SSL mode...


Can I somehow change the defalt message when a user is trying to log in to Usermin on their domain without https://

The default message is:
Bad Request : This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL href=' instead.

I would like it to be(and I think this should be the default message):
Bad Request : This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL href='https://usersdomain.tld:20000/ instead.

If the user clicks the default link with the ip:20000 and logs in and want to compose a mail the "From" address is:
Username [ username.domain@server.domain.tld]

But if he logs in from domain:20000 the "from" address shows up right:
Username [ user@userdomain.tld]


try to set your hostname and domainname to what you want it to be and see if that works.

Hi Gaurav,

I have both the domainname and hostname correctly enterd for the server. My problem is when our customers forgets the HTTPS ( when they logs in to Usermin on their domain, in this case they gets the message:
…Try the URL href=' instead.

The customer should get his domainname insted of the server IP when this message shows up. If he logs in with the default server-ip link the customers "from" address could looks like this in Usermin:
Leif Blafors[]

but if he logs in with directly his "from" address shows up like it should:
Leif Blafors[]

Our server has been up and running for a while and some customers are complaining about this. Ok I could go in to each user account and choose the from address manually but i don’t think i should have to do this, it should get the right information automaticly. The server was reinstalled about a month ago with a fresh FC4 and Virtualmin Pro (with the latest available at the time) due to harware problem and a totaly messed up filesystem as the result.

Hope you understand what I mean.