Server has hiccups

For quite a while i see server hiccups, where you cannot connect to a webpage, but get error messages. If i reload one or two times, i will get a connection… got 70 % space left on the server; so i am wondering, what might this be about. I had this ghosting virtualhost before, so i am a little bit nervous, where this might come from. I checked the apache logs and found tons of segmentation errors and in php i find this:
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 262144 bytes exhausted Server itself has 16 GB, the ressource limits are (php.ini) max memory 4096M, max upload size 1500M, max HTTP Post Size 1500M, max execution time 3600, input parsing time 3600. This ran for quite a while, until it got hiccups. Neither apache restart non restart of the complete server did help.

Any idea how to fix this?

Best and thank you.

ah, and forgot this one: I have two users on two different virtual servers, they have identical DNS mx settings, one can send and receive emails, the other one can only send, but the mails being sent to that one come back with postfix claiming “Relay Access Denied”. I am wondering, what is happening there, but couldn’t track that down. All other mail accounts are working, just this one doesnt …


I’d be happy to investigate things over a TeamViewer session, just send me a message over Skype or by Email if you’re interested.

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Looks like the virtualserver setting lost the checked receive email for this doman box. I activated that one more time and had to remove the existing mail users and re enter them. Now it works :slight_smile:

Re: Hiccups: I had help from tpnsolutions, and we checked a lot of things, did various upgrades to Ubuntu and other software, then it seemed like it worked, but in the end it didnt. I have to express my gratitude to tpnsolutions who is still keeping up in helping me out… Thumbs up!


So it seemed to work for quite a while after tpnsolutions helped me through and showed me some cool things inside webmin/virtualmin, but it came back later on. So finally i got the datacenter guys to swap the memory, which didn’t help either, until i came back to the ressource management. And found the max memory a script can consume to high with 4 GB, so i cut that down to 256 MB and now… Magic… Errors have disappeared…

Well, just for you, if you run into those, check your php.ini memory settings :wink: