Server error

Hello there,
after installing virtualmin and did some update and i see this error while login with VPS please help me out

Thank you

I don’t see any error, could you please post the error you are getting.

Hi, i upload the error image when i post this topic. anyways here it is plz check thiank you

It doesn’t look like this error is virtualmin related. You could ask your hosting provider (that apparently uses vmware to host your vps) about this vmware error.

ok thank you, i will try contacting them… appreciate you response


Yeah, those look like an attempt to compile the vmware tools package, but it appears unsuccessful for some reason.

As helpmin mentioned, your hosting provider may be able to work with you to determine why those aren’t working properly.


thank you all for your reply, yes it is it was VMWare and OS issue and i’m sorry i came here for help i really didn’t know. however i did install new OS and my site is back onlne but site response time i very slow. i have 2GB memory VPS. any tuneup for my.cnf or other files i have to take care of?