Server domain client dhcp server


I have the following senary:

proxy server Centos 5.6

eth0 - dhcp DSL eth1 -

Firewall - iptables

where my firewall

-I PREROUTING 1-i eth1-p tcp - dport 80-j REDIRECT - to-port 3128 -A POSTROUTING-o eth0-j MASQUERADE # Forward HTTP connections to Squid proxy

Dhcp3 server

ddns-update-style interim; default-lease-time 6000; # Define the maximum time that an IP max-lease-time 72000; # locked into one equipment authoritative; # Define this serdar DHCP is the main network log-facility local7; # Define which category of the log will use DHCP option domain-name-servers;

subnet netmask { allow client-updates; range; option routers; option subnet-mask; option broadcast-address; option domain-name “proxyserver”; one-lease-per-client on; option netbios-name-servers; }

group { deny client-updates; deny unknown-clients;

{host deny client-updates; deny unknown-clients; hardware ethernet xx:xx:xx:xx:xx; fixed-address; }

{host ddns-updates on; deny client-updates; deny unknown-clients; hardware ethernet yy:yy:yy:yy:yy; fixed-address; } }

dev server Centos 5.6 eth0 -

virtualmin here that will create internal domains

all my clients 172.16.0/24 ​​subnet can access the domains created on this server,site2,com … any